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anglo saxon knives
 a 36 page A5 format book on Anglo-Saxon small knives exploring design, profiles, fullering, inlays, Function
hand knives and craft knives, 11 tables, 8 line drawings and 25 photographs all in full colour. gloss printed
covers the period from 450 to 1100AD, aimed at those interested in the Anglo-Saxon period and re-enactors
of the period.
Price  £ 6.99
anglo saxon household ironwork book
 a 36 page A5 book on Anglo-Saxon household ironwork, 600-1100AD
by Dennis Riley, full colour 32 photos in full gloss 2 line drawings 2 tables
designed for use by re-enactors and those interested in the Anglo-Saxon period
contains reconstructions based on excavated examples with find spot information,
includes; lighting, padlocks, chest locks, door locks, keys, structural metalwork; nails,
staples and clips clench bolts, hooks, hinges and lynch pins as well as box furnature; 
handles, straps and hinges
produced by daegrad tools, Sheffield england
Price  £ 6.99
european metalworking tools 7-12thC book
 a 36 page full colour book on European metalworking tools 7th to the 12th century (excludes finds from Britain)
covers hammers, anvils, swages, cutters & snips, tongs & pliers, nail irons & drawplates, files & rasps, cold chisels & punches and finally metal casting pans, covering finds from the mainly viking areas of northern europe
produced by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
european woodworking tools 7-12thc Book
 a 36 page full colour A5 book on european woodworking tools 7-12th century covering mainly viking finds from northern europe, includes saws augers, scorps and chisels, includes find spot information and reconstructions.
Price  £ 6.99
anglo saxon iron dress items book
 a 36 page book on Anglo-Saxon iron and steel dress items, fire steels and kitchenalia
produced by daegrad tools, Sheffield England, A5 size, contains;
pans, cauldrons, trivets, pot hooks, chains and flesh forks and hooks.
drinking horn mount, fire steels, belt buckles suspension rings, purse rings
dress pins, annular and penannular brooches, neck rings
toilet sets and chatelaines
Price  £ 6.99
anglo saxon sheet metalwork book
 a 36 page A5 format full colour gloss booklet on anglo saxon sheet metalwork 450-1100ad, covers
steel bells, copper alloy reliquary boxes, steel and copper alloy bound mead hall buckets, sheet metal dress items including belt buckles and belt furniture. contains technical information, find spots, dates and classifications of various items.
produced by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
anglo saxon iron smelting book
 a 36 page A5 format book in full colour on aspects of Anglo-Saxon iron smelting, 9 photos, 9 line drawings and 2 graphs covering historical background, social practice, smelting sites, raw material mining and preparation, fuel preparation and furnace construction as well as iron and steel as well as phosphoric iron and metallurgy
book produced by daegrad tools
all the books produced by daegrad tools can be purchased in quantity at discounted rates please contact us for details
Price  £ 6.99
the medieval workshop book 36 pages
 a 36 page full colour A5 format book, gloss finish on the medieval workshop, contains 45 photos, 6 tables and 3 line drawings, covers find spots tool design as well as dogs, vices, hammers, mallets, saws, augers, chisels,planes ,drills, cutters, pliers, tongs, drawknives, gouges, scorps files and rasps, nail irons. produced by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
manufacturing techniques of anglo saxon brooches
 a 28 page A5 book, full colour on the manufacturing techniques of anglo-saxon quoit, disc and annular brooches (non cast)- 12 pages are shown in the photos, includes find spot information, design styles as well as a small selection of decorative styles. shows the techniques of manufacture for sheet and strip production as well as all the composite elements. produced by daegrad tools
Price  £ 5.99
anglo saxon tools book
a book on anglo saxon tools, their uses, social context
and distribution during the Anglo-Saxon period
160 pages with full colour photographs of reconstructions
as well as a collection of punch marks of the period
of interest to re-enactors and anglo-saxonists alike!
covers woodworking metalworking, bone and antler, textiles
and agriculture  + much more
Price  £ 16.99
west stow an anglo saxon village 36 page A5 Book
 a full colour 36 page A5 booklet on the Anglo-Saxon village of West Stow in suffolk, recreating the houses and life of the village through its inhabitants and its material artefacts, produced by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
a set of 10 books anglo saxon & medieval periods
 a selection of 10 books to the titles shown in the photos, all 36 page books except brooch manufacture which is 24, all full colour throughout containing reconstructions and photos along with find spot information, a5 format with bibliography, 
Price  £ 34.99
viking chisel C10671 metalwork only 25mm
 a hand forged and quenched 0.4% CEV steel woodworking chisel based on the viking period find from braten in Norway, find no C10671, nominally 25mm wide blade
made in sheffield england by daegrad tools, sold as metalwork only for customers own handle
Price  £ 9.99
anglo saxon bone and antler pull saw 10tpi leyland
 a handmade hand cut case carburised and hardened saw with small set, nominally 10 tpi set in a beechwood handle, based on the anglo saxon find from leylands farm, hockwold, suffolk (now in west stow museum find no 1977.903) the saw is designed as a pull saw for use on wood but more likely bone and antler (see example of the cut- please note it is for demonstration only and is not included in the sale, nominally a 10cm 4" long blade, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 19.99
5" half round scorp shave fully functional
 a hand forged 5" bladed half round scorp shave, with modern beech wood handles , plated ferrules with varnished handles. hand forged blade, water quenched 0.45 carbon equivalent value steel. fully functional, designed for hand sharpening only, for craft (non-commercial) woodworking use, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools and part of their heritage tool range, each tool comes with the ligno-ferrum logo
Price  £ 24.99
4-5 and 8-9mm diameter ring and dot auger double s
 a set of two ring and dot augers set in beechwood handles (supplied handles may vary from photo), auger sizes are 4-5mm and 8-9mm diameter, for roman anglo saxon and Viking period re-enactment use, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
Price  £ 15.99
anglo saxon fish spear trident nazeing hoard find
 a hand forged small trident fish spear based on the find from the nazeing hoard, 10th century (although the find may predate it by some decades), nominally 3" long tines with socket, supplied as metalwork only for customers own handles, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 39.99
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