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set of 2 beechwood naalbinding nalbinding needles
 a hand made pair of naalbinding needles in beechwood for living history reenactment use
Price  £ 5.99
roman iron drop spinning spindle magdalensberg
 a hand forged steel drop spinning spindle based on the copper alloy find from magdelensberg in Austria, supplied with a 50-60mm diameter beechwood whorl, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
Price  £ 9.99
medieval smoothing iron mendel house book
 a hand forged and welded steel smoothing iron 6" long x 3" wide (150mm x 75mm), hand forged steel handle welded insitu, supplied painted matt black with a linished underside, based on the smoothing iron depicted in the house book of mendel (nuremberg house books, folio 79, verso mendel 2) dated to 1610, for late/post medieval living history reenactment use, the sole plate is 5mm thick, designed to be used with a cloth wrapped around the handle when heated (not supplied), made by daegrad tools
Price  £ 22.99
roman period steel drop spinning spindle austria
 a hand forged drop spinning spindle shaft in steel based on the roman period find from magdalensberg in austria, nominally 6" long, presumed use without a spindle whorl
Price  £ 6.99
a set of 2 off 0.8mm needles and 2 off 1.2mm dia
 hand made set of 4 needles; 2x 0.8mm diameter bodies and 2x 1.2mm diameter bodies, all in steel, for roman through anglo-saxon and viking to the medieval period
Price  £ 10.99
a set of 4x 3mm dia peg weaving sticks in copper
 a set of 4 peg weaving sticks in copper plated steel, nominally 6" 150mm long, supplied with instructions for making fine woven braiding, multi period living history reenactment use
Price  £ 6.99
viking thread winder needle and thread
 a hand made wooden thread winder based on bone examples in the national museum in Stockholm (historika museet) Viking period, supplied with a 1.6mm diameter hand made steel needle and linen thread
for living history re-enactment use, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
Price  £ 8.99
craft weavers wool comb set of two copper plated
 a hand made pair of wool combs, each comb has 4" copper plated forged and ground tipped triangulate steel pins, 1cm apart (3/8") two rows- 9 pins and 8 pins offset set in a composite wooden handle, the base is hardwood (ash) and the handle is beech, the block is nominally 4" wide
for craft wool working use, for using the wool comb visit our you tube channel "daegrad" for a demonstration of use
Price  £ 44.99
beechwood drop spinning spindle 25cm long
 a hand made 10" 25cm tall beechwood drop spinning spindle for multi period living history re-enactment use, taper fit shaft with notch, 8mm diameter shaft made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools for living history re-enactment and craft use, please note that current theory infers no notch in early period spindle shafts (although complete shaft finds are very limited), whorl weight is 25g
Price  £ 6.99
reenactors medieval brass needle case 1350-1400AD
Reenactors brass needle case, based on find no 1783 (bwb83)
from billingsgate lorry park, london, 1350-1400AD
square section tube soldered joints with removable
top on a leather guide, constructed as the original
Price  £ 16.99
fired clay spindle whorl and wooden spindle hedeby
 a hand made pottery spindle whorl in the weight range 60-85g (randomly supplied), based loosely on the designs from viking hedeby, randomly supplied pattern of one whorl, supplied with a 10mm diameter by 25cm long tapered shaft beechwood spindle, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools

please note you will receive only one whorl to a randomly supplied pattern
Price  £ 6.99
norweigan viking heckle vefsn nordland find
 a hand made steel tined heckle based on a find from nordland in norway (vefsn) set in a hardwood handle. made in sheffield england by daegrad tools, 7 tines nominally at 5mm intervals
Price  £ 8.99
roman period copper drop spinning spindle
 a hand made copper drop spinning spindle, roman period find from the river thames, london now in clifton park museum Rotherham, nominally 6" long, can be uses as it is but it is also designed to carry aditional weights on the soldered whorl (not supplied), made in sheffield england by daegrad tools and comes with a 1 years guarantee
Price  £ 7.99
hand forged steel lucet anglosaxon viking medieval
 a hand forged steel lucet for making lucet cord, supplied with instructions, easy to use
for craft and re-enactment living history use, nominally 5" long (125mm) 
for living history re-enactment use, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
anglo saxon weaving sword coppergate york find
 a hand forged socketed weaving sword/baton based on find from 9th c coppergate in york (find 4419), nominally 20" long with a wooden handle, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools

uk only on this item due to customs rejecting parcels
Price  £ 23.99
swallowcliffe down drop spindle steel shaft
 a hand forged steel drop spinning spindle, nominally 8" long (200mm) and 8mm diameter tapering down to around 4 to 5mm diameter. based on the find from the Anglo-Saxon swallowcliffe down bed burial, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
the supplied whorl is made from beechwood and is nominally 50-60mm diameter
Price  £ 7.99
anglo saxon wool greasing ladle
 a hand forged steel greasing ladle based on the find from wicken bonhunt (essex, uk) late anglo saxon period, the dish is nominally 10" long and 3" wide, 0.8mm thick steel hot forged with a riveted handle. for living history reenactment use
Price  £ 19.99
3x anglo saxon brass flat needles empingham II
 a handmade set of three brass sheet needles, nominally 40-50mm long and 1.2mm thick
hand filed to shape and smoothed off edges, based on the anglo saxon needle find from empingham II
anglo saxon cemetery grave 85A, early anglo saxon period, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 9.99
medieval london sewing ring in brass billingsgate
 a handmade and soldered sewing ring nominally 15mm diameter, based on find no 3842 from billingsgate lorry park excavation, London. dated to 1270-1350AD, two are shown in the photo (from different angles) but you will only receive one, if you require this item making to a different diameter please contact us on ordering otherwise the standard 15mm one will be sent. made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 7.99
set of 3 bronze needles 1.2mm diameter
 a set of three handmade bronze needles nominally 6cm long and 1.2mm diameter (only one shown in the photo), for living history reenactment use (roman to medieval) made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 9.99
mary rose brass needle & bobbin set
 a handmade composite pine bobbin with three sections all containing various period twine; linen (2 types) and hemp, minimum 5ft of each the bobbin is hollow to accept a 6cm long 1.2mm diameter handmade bronze needle, it also comes with a sealing stopper to keep the needle safe, for living history reenactment use, based on examples recovered from the mary rose tudor ship wreck.
Price  £ 8.99
post medieval drop spinning spindle beechwood
 A hand made drop spinning spindle in beech wood
based on a post medieval find now in Nottingham castle
museum dated to 1650-1700AD
nominally 25cm long shaft on a square spindle whorl
spindle requires self assembly (push fit)
Price  £ 7.99
hand made wooden lucet and 2m jute + instructions
 a hand made hardwood lucet, beech or ash and 2m of jute and simple instructions, for living history or craft use for making lucet cord,
Price  £ 4.99
set of three 0.8mm diameter handmade steel needles
 a set of three hand made steel needles, punched eyes with 0.8mm diameter steel bodies for multi period living history use
Price  £ 9.99
anglo saxon viking roman medieval 3x 1.2mm
 a hand forged set of three steel needles (drawn low carbon), hand drilled and punched heads based on numerous anglo saxon period finds, nominally 1.2mm diameter shafts, spatulate heads with sharpened points, for living history re-enactment use, made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools
Price  £ 9.99
multi period 4 peg weaving kit and instructions
 a hand made set of 4 weaving sticks nominally 15cm 6" long and instructions for use, for making peg woven braiding
Price  £ 4.99
one pair of hand forged black steel wool combs
 a pair of hand made wool combs made from 3.2mm diameter steel with hand forged tips set in a hardwood block with shaped beechwood handle, fully functional, 1cm spacing nominally 3.5-4" long front row- 9 pins, back row 8 pins offset, designed for living history and craft weaving use.
please note that the pins are hand forged black steel and are prone to rusting if not oiled after use,
made in Sheffield England by daegrad tools and come with a 1 year guarantee
supplied handles may vary and the pins may contain residual copper plating not removed by forging
Price  £ 44.99
roman bailing needle shepton mallet find (UK)
 a hand forged steel bailing needle based on the find from shepton mallet in the uk, nominally 8" long, fully functional square section construction, made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 6.99
viking dublin weaving comb / leather scorer
 a hand forged and case hardened steel presumed scoring device of uncertain function, found in viking dublin (one of a number of examples), nominally 10mm between prongs. possible leather scorer.having shown this to the reenactment community the general consensus is that it is a weaving comb for tamping down the weave on cloth (given it was found with loom weights) made in sheffield england by daegrad tools
Price  £ 8.99
anglo saxon viking medieval small braiding loom
 a hand made small brading loom, self assembly beechwood (push fit, no gluing required) for on site living history use to produce reenactment braiding up to 90cm in length (35"), supplied with a wooden weaving needle (the shuttle) and very simple instructions, please not only the woodwork is supplied and not the braiding in the photo, this is for illustration only.
designed for anglo saxon, viking and medieval reenactment use,
made in sheffield england by daegrad tools and comes with a 1 years guarantee
Price  £ 12.99
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