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Daegrad Tools, Sheffield England

Daegrad tools research arm engages in extensive experimentation on aspects of  Anglo-Saxon iron and steel and its products, it is interesting to note that both Anglo-Saxon and African iron making are virtually the same whereas both hindu and chinese steel making were in advance of the west. daegrad have a number of research PDF's available, please email us for further information. In our experimentation we do not confine ourselves to the reproduction of just Anglo-Saxon items, The photograph below is a recreation of a Ndebele (matabele) stabbing axe, circa 1850, the Ndebele are  a branch of the Zulus from Southern Africa.

Research takes many forms and encapsulates aspects of other cultures especially where similar techniques exist, much of the research undertaken by daegrad tools is in reconstructive archaeology; in the use of period tools, exploring their advantages, limitations and their social context.

 Anglo Saxon buckets

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